• The red sand dunes along the Kuiseb river reach heights of over 150 meters. The prevailing winds blow the dunes northward, but their movement is blocked by the river.
  • Sossusvlei is home to one of the desert's most spectacular landmarks, Deadvlei or Dead Pan. It is a photographer's dream. Towering red dunes surround a flat, reflective white floor that is studded with dark, dead camel thorn trees that are over 800 years old. Deadvlei encapsulates the drama and timelessness of the desert.
  • Twenty thousand years ago when the Kuiseb River had a stronger flow, waters deposited mud and silt along the rough walls of the canyon. Over the centuries this mud and silt dried, leaving layers of silt that are a reminder of this time and the Namib's rich geological history.
  • One can't help being enchanted by Namibian sunsets. These fleeting moments of natural transition of colour will stay with you for ever.
  • Beneath the dunes at Sossusvlei lies an ancient, fossilised dune desert dating back to between 40 and 20 million years. Petrified dunes are ancient red sand dunes that have solidified to rock, and they represent the final stage in the Sossusvlei dunes' life cycle.
  • Towering dunes, shimmering pans and an endless sea of sand, it is an iconic destination within the Namib Sand Sea. Proclaimed a World Heritage Site in 2013, Sossusvlei is part of the sand sea that spreads across more than 50 000 square kilometres (19305 square miles).
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